About CMYK

CMYK are the four prime colours found in printer ink and toner cartridges. When mixed together by your laser printer or inkjet printer they can produce many colourful and amazing images, some of which I will be sharing and commenting on in this blog.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key, or Black) is a system of mixing colours using chemical pigments to obtain the required hues. These four colours are the primary colours which when mixed can produce a huge range of colours in the visible spectrum.

It’s impossible for these four prime colours to exactly match things like a rose petal, or the leaf from a tree as CMYK cannot produce every single colour that exists, but it can make a huge number of colours to produce images such as this amazing sunset below.

About The Author: Ian Wilson 
Ian is the writer and publisher of blogs and social media content for the sprint-ink.co.uk company, supplier of printer ink, toner cartridges, paper and officefranking machine ink and 3D printing supplies. His work includes The Sprint-InkBlog, Sprint-Ink News and this blog CMYK – A World of Colour.