Gardeners World Live 2014

We spent a day at the colourful Gardeners World Live on Saturday, an invigorating and exciting riot of contrasting colours from electric blues, sulphurous yellows to explosions of orange.

Gardeners World Live is the place to find great ideas for use of colour, turning gardens into giant colour-wheels with the most striking combinations of reds and greens, purples yellows and every colour in between.

Here are a few photos to give you some idea:

Please feel free to print these colourful images using printerink and toner cartridges from


  1. Just gorgeous. I'm a big fan of the Gladioli - I was obsessed with my neighbour's when I was little and when I was 11 I stole one, got the guilt and tried to put it back! Needless to say that didn't work very well.... I think I was forgiven.... :)

    1. They are beautiful. It always amazes me how much work goes into these displays, not only the arranging of the flowers but the growing them too.


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