Friday, 22 March 2013

CMYK - A world of Colour - Lovers Wall, Verona

On a trip to Verona, Italy a few years ago I visited the most famous landmark in the city, the ‘Casa Di Giulietta’, the house said to be Juliet's house is in a courtyard off Via Capello.

Alongside the Casa Di Giulietta is the ‘Lovers wall’ in which couples place their messages of love on thousands of multi-coloured post-it notes and pieces of paper and stick them to the wall. (Not in the most hygienic of ways; using chewing gum!)

This graffiti covered wall is now considered a work of popular art, but today people are only allowed to write on removable panels, which are changed twice a year. These removable panels are to be displayed in a museum after they are removed.

Did I leave a note? Now that would be telling. - adding a little colour to your life


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

CMYK - A World of Monochrome?


Life without shiny coloured balls

Where would we be without coloured balls?

Imagine a world without colour.  Well for one, I would probably be unemployed! Along with painters and decorators, artists and snooker ball manufacturers! Although, remember snooker on a black and white TV? When the sports, now legendary, commentator Ted Lowe uttered “And for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green”. Now, in this world of High Definition, you see a whole kaleidoscope of colour as the black, pink, blue, green, yellow and red break around the green felt.

Football would be almost impossible to play
if football strips were neutral colours.
A football match (soccer to non-brits) would be almost impossible to play if football strips were neutral colours. We wouldn’t know which team each player was playing for and the players wouldn’t know who to pass the ball to (although watching our local team I sometimes think this is the case every week!) The top level players would certainly earn their wages!

Traffic lights would be none existent, with no red to tell us when to stop or green to tell us when to go road users would have to decide amongst themselves when it is safe to go. Forcing us to make eye contact whilst attempting telepathy to figure which direction the other drivers are going to travel.  This, I fear, would produce a whole new set of hand signals!

Without colour our clothing would all be the same neutral colour, with no individuality, neutral uniforms wouldn’t display authority and fashion designers would be out of business. (It would make dress shopping with my better half a whole lot easier though!)
Advertising in black and white didn’t have the
same impact as today’s High Definition colour adverts
Before the introduction of colour TV’s in the fifties and sixties, advertising in black and white didn’t have the same impact as today’s High Definition colour adverts. From colourful commercials for paint, to adverts for cars, none would have the same impact in monochrome. Even our own advert, shown below, (ok, a cheap plug!) would be rather pointless without colour and advertising neutral coloured printer ink or toner cartridges would be rather pointless!
Colour is all around us. Everything from the clothes we wear, to the photos we take revolves around colour. Without colour the world would be a much less beautiful place.