Food - A Recipe For Photography

Food, we all need it, it’s an everyday essential consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. But Liverpool born, Carl Warner, has found another use for this substance we all take for granted, building still life photography landscapes! All of the pictures below are actually created out of fresh foods!

Rialto Bridge
The Great Wall Of China - Made with Pineapple
Candy Cottage
The Chocolate Express
The Taj Mahal - Made from onion
Cucumber Bridge
2001 - A Breadscape
Famous architectural structures are made by Carl Warner and his team by assembling culinary foodstuffs piece by piece, like the Rialto Bridge or the Great Wall of China.

Loaves of bread, fish, meats, pasta and fruit and vegetables are just a few of the ingredients these intricate scenes are built from. Heaps of bread and mashed potato are formed to produce mountain scapes and spaghetti strands form a river tide.

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